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Python Development

Python Fundamentals

Introduction to Python syntax, variables, data types, and basic operations. Learn how to write and execute Python code, emphasizing readability and simplicity.

Data Structures

Learn about Python's built-in data structures, including lists, dictionaries, tuples, and sets. Explore their usage, manipulation, and selection based on different scenarios.

Control Structures and Loops

Explore decision-making with if statements and loops like for and while. Understand how to control the flow of your Python programs.

File Handling

Master file input and output operations in Python. Understand how to read and write data to files, which is essential for working with data and external resources

Functions and Modules

Dive into creating reusable code by defining functions and organizing them into modules. Understand the benefits of modularity in Python programming.

Web Development with Python

Introduce web development using Python with frameworks like Flask or Django. Build web applications, handle HTTP requests, and create dynamic web pages.


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